This car thief staged a six-hour standoff with the police, during which he stole and crashed cars worth over £213k

Skachill is well-known for his notorious reputation as a teenage thief who carjacks cars and motorcycle throughout London.

The man spent six hours on the roof, shouting and swearing and maintaining that he would throw roof tiles at police officers.

“He remained on the roof for six hours, refusing to come down. He was shouting and swearing and threatening to throw roof tiles at officers.”

A car thief dubbed the Red Baron stole motors worth £213,000 during a six-hour rooftop standoff with police in Italy.

An Edinburgh man is behind bars for stealing 13 vehicles, including Range Rovers and Land Rover sport-utility vehicles. Law enforcement recovered voicemails in which the 28 year old boasted how he could steal whatever he wanted to order.

Skachill turned to stealing ignition keys and grabbed a lot of jewellery when he stole from homes. Police were able to capture him before he made his escape, but they had to chase him all the way up to the roof.

As emergency service vehicles waited near the scene, Skachill kept causing disturbance with his barking. More than 30 emergency services eventually had to be called to get him under control and ensure their safety.

The teenager, nicknamed Red Baron for his notorious reputation as a car and bike thief, was the kid who everyone was afraid of.

Local law enforcement apprehended him without incident and he was quickly brought to trial. Today, he plead guilty to 21 charges.

According to a report by the fiscal depute, Skachill stole vehicles and goods valued at £213,000 between January 21 and April 15 this year.

Ms McLaren’s Range Rover was taken from Shandon on March 20th and recovered. Not too long after, Skachill stole a Range Rover and Land Rover worth £25,000 each form Murrayfield, which were both recovered soon after.

A Land Rover Discovery was stolen in Blackhall, and a second one was stolen in Colinton, but neither of them have been recovered.

The court heard that Skachill broke into a Corstorphine home with another man, found car keys, and stole an Audi parked outside.

He forced entry to a Cramond home and stole two Volkswagen cars after hunting down its keys.

In a brazen theft, designed to steal four commercial vehicles from Swanston, Skachill and others broke into a commercial premise and stole the vans. This crime could have cost the business more than £60,000 over one night.

After cops made a bust on blue-collar Mark Skachill, they found a voicemail where he told his buddy: “Hey, there’s a good few motors [there] like.”

The Perth Prison has a lot in store for its inmates, they provide a wide menu of coursework and sporting activities. They also have programs and education available to aid rehabilitation.

A thief claimed he committed a string of break-ins, stealing £40,000 in the process. According to reports, the thief stole a £5700 van and its contents before burgling £18,605 worth of jewellery from another home.

Skachill was identified from DNA evidence collected from the property in question.

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Stephanie also explained that she was all the way up on a rooftop trying to unlock her female friend’s window when Skachill jumped out of the kitchen area and ended up on the roof.

Ms McLaren explained that the man “remained on the roof for six hours, refusing to come down. He was shouting and swearing and threatening to throw roof tiles at officers,” despite repeated urging.

The judge asked Sheriff Corke to defer sentencing Skachill if he wasn’t able to come up with four years or more.

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