Residential Skylights Installation

Installing a Residential skylight is one of the best investments any homeowner can make. But then every property requires a unique solution when it comes to flat roofs skylights. Flat Roofs Toronto is a leading skylight installation expert that knows how to install, maintain, and repair skylights for residential buildings. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to have an abundant level of natural light or even take the ventilation in your space up a notch, we can help you install long-lasting skylights.

Residential Skylight

A professional installation of residential skylight is paramount, as it ensures the long-term performance of roof windows. Flat Roofs Toronto has mastered the art of residential skylight installations. We take away the hassle and affect your wallet positively by making you save more on energy. At Flat Roofs Toronto, we realize that homeowners have different choices when it comes to skylights. So, we present a wide variety of designs to them and help them make the perfect choice in line with their budget and preferences. Ranging from fresh air skylights to solar-powered blinds and sun tunnels, we’re always at your beck and call.

Our skylight services

Custom Residential Skylight Installation

To select and install a perfect skylight in your home, you need a professional. It would help if you had an expert contractor that will customize your skylights and make them serve you unmatched purposes. At Flat Roofs Toronto, we offer customized solutions that tally with each client’s needs.

We realize that no two buildings are the same, and as such, their requirements for residential skylight installations vary. As such, our experts work with each homeowner closely to understand those particular requirements. This makes us tailor our expertise to meet their needs.

Our custom installation processes and requirements are geared towards delivering tailored, water-tight, durable, and perfect skylight solutions. We prioritize customer satisfaction and interests, so we take time out to work with you like we own the building. We aim at helping you cut down on energy costs, create a natural light source, and take the ambience of your home up a notch.

Skylight Repairing service

We offer the best repairing service in Toronto. Temporary skylight repairs are able to protect you from costly interior repairs and your home’s integrity. Our experienced team always delivers the best quality service while giving the service at reasonable prices. Contact us whenever you face repairing issues, we will reach your doorstep as soon as possible.

Skylight Replacement Service

If your skylight has leakage or cracks which can not be repairable and you are thinking of replacing your skylight, Flat Roofs Toronto can give you the ultimate solution for skylight replacement. Our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable in all types of services along with commercial skylight replacement service. Contact us today for your skylight replacement work.

Various Styles of Residential Skylights


Solar Shades – this type of skylight is ideal for homeowners who don’t really need extra light in their space. Solar-powered skylights add warmth to your space and are a great option for many homeowners.

Dome Skylight – This type is somewhat a stale design but is often used instead of flat glass skylights as they let the rain run over the skylight edges. This prevents leak and even bring natural light into your space.

Sun Tunnel Skylight – For areas with less sunlight, sun tunnel skylights are a great option. It flaunts a reflective tunnel that offers a whiter, natural, and brighter light output for where it is used.

Pyramid Skylight – Modern pyramid designs don’t have leakage issues, and they feature designs that control the amount of heat loss and gain in different weather conditions. There is a vacuum of gas between the two layers that help prevent heat transfer.



Signs that your skylight requires repair

Check the interior and exterior of your home and roof frequently. It will give you a clear idea whether you need to repair or replace your skylight. Here are the signs which indicate that there is something wrong in your skylight:

  • The drywall will be discolored, sometimes it may have bubbles.
  • You may see the glass is broken or cracked.
  • If the skylight model is outdated.
  • You will notice water stains on the ceiling.
  • Opened seams
  • Some damage will occur in the roof near to the skylight.
  • You may see condensation in the skylight
  • You will find debris around the protrusion and in the protrusion
  • Drafty skylight

If you notice any of the signs above mentioned, contact us immediately and we will aid you.

Benefits of installing skylights

Beautifies the roof and home

No doubt that roof skylights are a smart, beautiful, and aesthetic addition to any commercial, residential and industrial spaces. It gives a great outdoor look to your home. Sometimes it is a symbol of luxury and sometimes it is a material of great interior design.

Environment Friendly

Roof Skylight is an eco-friendly system. Skylight is a great way of getting natural light and it allows 100% natural sunlight than a traditional window into the home. Your home does not require any sort of other light sources like electric light, charger light, or candle during the daylight hours. Nevertheless, it is a good thing to have in a house.

Saves energy cost

A skylight can aid you to save a tremendous amount of energy bills. Skylight helps you to use fewer indoor lights and sometimes does not even require indoor light. As a result, electricity bills are reduced. Skylight is also a great source of sun heat transfer especially in the winter which helps you to save the cost for room heating.

Great way to view the sky

Roof skylight gives you a new perspective of watching the sky, starlight at night. This is a great complimentary spectacle you can enjoy at night. Not only nighttime, but instant daylight also gives your home a sharp and aesthetic look. These things will certainly improve your mood. Apart from that, it will help you to get health benefits by exposing yourself to the natural light.

A Skylight service provider you can rely on

Serving clients and client’s satisfaction is our mission. We only can achieve this by providing efficient and tailored skylight solutions. Our experts are experienced, skilled and reliable in doing any kind of skylight project.

We always prioritize the client’s recommendations. We have a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs, and custom installation, you can choose anything that suits you.

We always tend to serve our customers better and quality work is our greatest tool to achieve this. Whenever you need skylight installation, replacement, and repair work, contact us to get the best skylight work.

No matter your choice of residential skylight installation, Flat Roofs Toronto will make your dream come alive and stun you.

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