Commercial Flat Roof Installation

One of the most common roofing systems one can find on commercial properties is the flat roof. They are not just inexpensive but require cheaper and less maintenance. Every property owner needs commercial flat roof installation on their commercial property if they must save more. Flat Roofs Toronto is a modern and dedicated brand that has mastered the art of commercial roof and skylight installations.


Flat roofs resist wind better than many other roof types and are energy efficient. So, when you desire to save more on energy bills and have a roof that stands harsh weather, installing a flat roof is your best bet. But then, there is more to that. Your choice or roofers and material quality could be a deal-breaker. No property owner would happily hire an amateur for commercial flat roof installation or skylight installation projects. This is where and why we stand out.

In the entire Toronto and beyond, our works speak our excellence, and we take pride in our ability to handle any commercial flat roof installation project, no matter how complex it seems.

Our Commercial Roof Installation and Skylight Installations

You can never undermine the works of any roof of any building. For residential flat roofs, they take the beating every time they give the home protection from snow, rain, heat, and all. When you want to set your defense against environmental factors, then you need to invest reasonably on flat roof installation.

When you compromise on your roof, your structure could suffer structural defects over time. Choosing the right quality materials for flat roof installation can help you manage deterioration. With our expertise and assistance, you can cut down on roof damage expenditures and help you get the best of your roof.  If you really crave to make your roofing system heat-resistant and save money on energy consumption, we’re a team to call.


Modified Bitumen Roofing

This type of flat roof flaunts unmatched versatility and is of two types basically; SBS and APP. While SBS is made to be more flexible, the roof life is extended by APP. If you crave to have a durable roof that withstands harsh weather condition, you need Flat Roofs Toronto to do the job with Modified Bitumen. We install and handle fixes to ensure your roof serves you great purposes.

Single Ply Roofing

Lately, single ply roofing is dominating the commercial roofing scenes. Most commercial property owners opt for it as it’s easier to install, adaptable, and affordable. With the thermoplastic and thermoset membrane types of single-ply available, our expert team can work with you to make the best choice and deliver topnotch commercial flat roof installation.

Built Up Roof

Popularly known as BUR, built up roof is a gravel and tar roofing system and has been in existence for several decades. Here, ply sheets or roofing felts are layered in between bitumen that I manufactured from coal tar, asphalt, or cold-applied adhesive. Though it has a downside of natural cracks, it’s known to be a durable flat roofing option that provides excellent protection to any property. If you consider having a quality BUR installed on your commercial property, Flat Roofs Toronto is a team to count on.

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