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Residential flat roof installation has a ton of upside for structures and the homeowners. Any property owner looking to improve the curb appeal of their home while saving more can always go for flat roofs. At Flat roofs Toronto, we believe that every home deserves the best roofing solutions. Our team of expert craftsmen goes far and above to ensure that all residential home roofing we handle, gets the best flat roofing solution.

Residential flat roofing services in Toronto

Every homeowner craves to install a roof that will last so long with less maintenance. In fact, no property owner would gladly go for a roof that requires frequent maintenance of repairs. It might not be straightforward to decide on the type of flat roof installation you need on your residential building. But our residential flat roof installation experts are ever ready to help navigate you through the seeming rigorous process. Whether you’re trying to re-roof or install a new roof, you need a team you can trust. Flat Roofs Toronto is a team that takes the entire hassle off your shoulder.

You need to consider energy performance, installation costs, maintenance requirements, and many more before opting for flat roofs. Let’s help you choose and install what’s perfect for your home.

Why people love flat roofing

There are numerous reasons that people love flat roofing. Here are the benefits you will get from the flat roofing:

  • You can utilize the flat roof as a liveable space. You can make a small flower garden on that. It will give you a natural and good outlook of the house.
  • The cost of the flat roof is much less than the traditional sloped roofs while giving good quality. Not only that, the materials of the flat roof are long lasting and durable. The cost is less because the flat roof requires fewer materials. It is easily customizable, easy to maintain, and saves lots of space.
  • It gives your rooftop an aesthetic and a unique look.
  • If resistant materials are used in the flat roof, the roof will be eligible to fight water damage as well.
  • You can easily use the flat roof surface for recreational areas or as storage.
  • The shape of the flat roof makes it easy to clean the surface, apply treatments and fix any minor issues.
  • You will be happy to hear that the flat roofs are weather-resistant. Compared to the other roofing systems, these types of roofs suffer the minimum amount of damage occurred from the wind. Apart from that, it provides a higher level of UV protection.

Apart from the benefits of the flat roofing system, regular inspection and maintenance will increase the life span of it.

Our popular flat roofing systems

We have a variety of flat roofing materials and you can choose whichever you want. Here are our popular roofing materials:

Built-Up roof system

Built-up roofing is also known as a tar and gravel roofing system. It is built with a semi-flexible ply sheet which is alternatively assembled with the bitumen layer. It is used on the top of ply sheets. It requires very low maintenance and it is energy efficient, weatherproof, and durable.

Modified Bitumen Roll Roof

Modified bitumen roll roof is a membrane roof system which is reinforced with fiberglass matting or polyester fiber matting. It comes in sheets. The main feature of the modified bitumen roll is it has very good adaptability to both cold and hot atmospheres. Apart from that, it is also flexible, durable, and has high resistance to fire and cracks.


TPO’s full form is thermoplastic polyolefin. TPO is another type of single-ply roofing layer. It can be ballasted, adhered, or mechanically attached. It is mainly used in residential constructions. Furthermore, TPO is weather resistant, long lasting, and recyclable. It is very light in color and its sunlight reflective feature will help you to save electricity bills in summer.


Polyvinyl chloride or PVC roofing also used as a single ply roofing layer. Because of its durability and low maintenance, it is the best roofing material. It is fire resistant and solar reflectivity. Like TPO, it is also highly customizable.

What makes us different from others

There are various factors that make us different from others. Such as:

Experience and Expertise

We are equipped with a team of experts who are highly experienced and have in-depth knowledge regarding different roofing systems like BUR, modified bitumen, TPO, and PVC. Furthermore, They are well trained to deal with any emergency situations and take necessary steps.

Competitive Pricing

We provide our roofing services, replacing services, and repairing services at a very reasonable price. Our experts will do a thorough inspection before making the decision whether the roof requires flat roof replacement or flat roof repairs. After that, we will provide an estimation of material cost and labor cost. We do not charge any hidden costs.

Thorough Inspection

There is no alternative to a thorough inspection to find out the root cause. That’s why our staff does a thorough inspection before reaching any recommendation. Our inspection includes finding the damp ceiling, water leakage, and water stain. Not only that, we will also inspect the damaged flashing, wet shingles, missing shingles. After our inspection, we will then provide you a documented report and recommendations.

Emergency Services

Emergency situations can occur at any moment. If you get any sign of roof damage, contact us immediately. Our experts will reach your doorstep as soon as possible. We provide emergency re-roofing and roof repair services at a reasonable price. We will give a proper solution that will meet your budget, needs, and safety requirements.

Invest In Your Residential Property’s Roof

You can never undermine the works of any roof of any building. For residential flat roofs, they take the beating every time they give the home protection from snow, rain, heat, and all. When you want to set your defense against environmental factors, then you need to invest reasonably on flat roof installation.

When you compromise on your roof, your structure could suffer structural defects over time. Choosing the right quality materials for flat roof installation can help you manage deterioration. With our expertise and assistance, you can cut down on roof damage expenditures and help you get the best of your roof.  If you really crave to make your roofing system heat-resistant and save money on energy consumption, we’re a team to call.

How we do the roofing

We follow our standard procedure to do our residential roofing work. Here is the roof installation process we follow:

  • First, we will do the visual inspection of the roof.
  • Then we will conduct the non-destructive and destructive testing.
  • After the inspection and testing, we will do the documentation of the inspection reports.
  • After that, we will consult with our client and give recommendations.
  • In this step, we will approach for flat roof installation.

We Provide the following benefits to our clients

  • You only get the recommendations for what you need and not more than the requirement.
  • Our professional flat roofing service is very cost effective while providing the best quality service for residential, commercial and industrial roofing.
  • We will track the leakage thoroughly and provide leak mitigation service.
  • You will get suitable repair work.
  • We will do the flat roof Installation in perfect alignment matched with manufacturer standards.
  • We have a team of talented, knowledgeable, Courteous, well-trained, and experienced technicians.
  • 24/7 customer service.
an flat roof with roofing and fencing

Flat Roofs Toronto Delivers Unmatched Flat Roof Installation

In the entire Toronto, Flat Roofs Toronto stands tall with top-of-the-line roofing repairs and installation services that give homeowners peace of mind. We believe that anyone who owns a property deserves to give it the best roofing service, and they should get the best value for their investment. So, we only handpick members who are highly experienced and flaunt the best work ethics. This ensures that you get even more value from your investment.

At Flat Roofs Toronto, we go far and beyond to ensure we give the best residential flat roofing solution to all our clients. Ranging from handpicking the best quality materials to delivering the best service, we’re always the go-to team for those who value their investment.

When next you’re out and ready to get the best residential flat roof installation or repairs in Toronto, Flat Roofs Toronto is your best bet. We’re out to serve you better. Kindly get in touch with us now.

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