Commercial Skylights

Nothing beats having natural light in any space. It doesn’t just pull up the ambience of the space but offers lighting. Commercial skylight installation is a part of the work we do. We’ve mastered all it takes to installed skylights on any commercial roof without issues of leakages or worn out sealants. At Flat Roofs Toronto, we prioritize your satisfaction. So we work in line with your needs, delivering the best flat roofing solutions to all clients in Toronto and beyond.

Commercial Skylight Installation

Commercial skylight installation on your roof offers a wide range of benefits you can’t reject. Whether you’re remodeling your existing commercial structure or building a new one, you can’t just say no to skylights. Roofing experts often recommend quality commercial skylights as they make any building stand out.

They don’t just provide an unmatched natural light source but helps the commercial brand cut down on electricity usage for lights. Skylights minimize cooling costs by reducing heat from light sources and direct more of the transmitted light into space without damage to furnishings and merchandise.

If you’ve ever been to a site where skylights are installed, then you should be familiar with the word “daylighting.” They are used interchangeably, and only an experienced commercial skylight installation team can help you pull off your project effortlessly. Flat Roofs Toronto is not just a reliable brand that installs flat roofs. We pride ourselves as a team that has mastered all about skylight installations on roofs of commercial buildings.

Whether you’re looking to install a tubular, fixed, or ventilating skylight of any shape, we’re a brand that is always at your beck and call. We understand how much you need natural light in your commercial space, and your quest for the best practices in energy efficiency. Flat Roofs Toronto makes your dream commercial skylight installation come alive.

Best Quality Materials for Commercial Skylight Installation

Without a doubt, most property owners see it as a herculean task to make an ideal choice of materials to be used in their skylight installation project. There are numerous designs, and even types of glazing materials – these often tend to make some property owners indecisive. Don’t fret! Our team is always ready to work with you hand-in-gloves, to ensure we handpick and use the best materials for your skylight installation project.

You can choose to have to go for solar-heat control, plastic or even glass glazing material depending on your preferences and budget. Plastic glazing often comes in acrylic form and is very economical, but might turn yellow over time if there are no special coatings on it. Glass glaze is more durable and has enhanced longevity. However, solar-heat control glazing is highly energy-efficient and is often the choicest for many who opt for commercial skylight installation.


Flat Roofs Toronto Delivers only Watertight Skylights

When you’re ready to install your skylight, it’s always advisable to go for a team that understands that your skylights must be watertight. You wouldn’t want to spend more on controlling water leakage, skylight repairs, or replacement shortly after completing your commercial skylight installation project. We detest that and go even out of our way, if need be, to ensure that we deliver strictly watertight skylights.


Through extensive experience, exposure, and training, we have successfully achieved numerous residential commercial skylight installations in Toronto and beyond. Our commitment and attentiveness to each customer’s unique requests set us above the competition. Flat Roofs Toronto is the team to call anytime. Contact us now to request an estimate and get started!

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