Attick Work

Flat Roofs Toronto is not just a roofing expert. We understand what it means to have a comfortable and energy-efficient home, and we make these come alive. Our attic services are second-to-none, and we offer a one-call solution. At Flat Roofs Toronto, a simple call books an appointment and delivers the best, safest and stress-free experience. Our professionals are always at your beck and call to install, clean, replace, and do even more.

Attic Work

If you’re a homeowner, you should know that the attic isn’t quite an easy space to access. As an experienced attic handyman, we can install dropdown stairs, or customize your attic space to serve as a storage space and even more.  Our residential attic experts can help repair unsightly attic doors.

At Flat Roofs Toronto, our experts check insulation quality and level, as well as recommend insulations to help you keep up with change. Our attic solutions will take care of it.

Improved Home Performance

If your home in Toronto is somewhat uncomfortable and it appears you spend excess money to make it cozy with air conditioning and heating systems, then you need the experts at Flat Roofs Toronto. Our experts will work with you closely to understand the necessary things in your home to improve your comfort, health, and savings. We make the significant improvements, ensuring your attic doesn’t stop you from having an efficient and comfortable home.

Committed to Handle Every Job

At Flat Roofs Toronto, we’ve mastered the art of cleaning attic and insulation removal. We take pride in the fact that we’re considered the leader in the industry. Our outstanding works have earned us a highly-valued reputation, and we’re ever committed as before to retain our top pace. We’re proud to be a brand people recommend when it comes to attic works. We don’t just offer attic cleaning; we combine insulation removal with insulation replacement as well as other services geared towards optimum energy efficiency.

Whether you’re out and searching for a team that can handle your integrated attic insulation cleaning, removal, air duct replacement, rodent proofing, or even air sealing, we, at Flat Roofs Toronto will help you.


Your Comfort Matters

Every homeowner or occupant deserves maximum comfort, and this only happens when a house becomes a home. Many factors can transform any house into a home, and if you really want to make it happen, then you need to hire experts for your attic work.

We’re a Toronto-based and operated brand that offers attic services that make any home save more on energy, saving some bucks.

We reduce your carbon footprint and take the overall comfort of your home up a notch. When next you seek a one-stop solution to all attic works, Flat Roofs Toronto is always available to answer your call.

With a high level of dedication, commitment, and the quest for premium customer satisfaction, we stand out with our service delivery. Make a step today and leave the rest to us. Call us today and watch us do the magic!

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