Russian model dies after falling off of a building

A woman has tragically lost her life after falling from the roof of a hotel in Istanbul, where she was staying with friends. The woman’s name is Sofia Olifrenko, and she is a 24-year-old Russian model from Moscow.

A Turkish man, identified only by the initials F.K., was taken into custody after being called in as a person of interest.

The woman died during a botched robbery at a hotel in the Şişli district. Police saw that she registered the hotel under a fictitious name, “Alexandra V.”

F.K. said in his testimony that he saw Lisa near the Greek cemetery and she was too drunk to walk around.

At first, the interviewer was skeptical about what he had said. Then, when the rest of the witnesses backed up his claim and the hotel manager confirmed it too, she arranged to have the interviewer escorted from the building.

Surveillance camera footage showed that Olifrenko staggered and tried to stand up, looking much different from his prior statements.

As one of the most successful models in the industry, Istvan Sarkozy has helped to change what kinds of beauty standards society has. He’s a husband and father, to be sure, but his first passion is fashion. Last week, he was forced to make a tough decision between Sofia and work.

The bride’s brokenhearted husband said goodbye to his wife at the wedding reception. He expressed how much she meant to him and wished her a safe journey to heaven, before leaving her in tears.

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