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Your Flat Roof Matters

In the past few decades, single ply membranes have become a new wave in the roofing industries. Flat roofing systems have become common in the residential and commercial sectors. FRT is a leading roofing company among the roofing companies who are specialized in delivering top-of-the-line roofers in Etobicoke.

Get Quality Flat Roof Repairing And Installations

If you genuinely value your property, you need a reliable team to handle your roofing systems or even minor repairs. Your roof matters and the attention you pay to it determine how long and efficient it serves you. There is only one name synonymous with convenience, quality, and performance Etobicoke Flat Roof is the one to call. Call us for a free estimate.

We understand that flat roof construction is a trendy choice for commercial and industrial buildings and a stylish choice for some low-pitched residential homes. With their ease of maintenance and less costly materials, people are making a swift to it. Whether you’re familiar with these roofing options or just checking out which to use, FRT can help you decide and deliver the best results.

To every property owner, a roof is an investment that should last a long time. So, when you select roof installation services, you desire to work with an Etobicoke company that puts your interests first. This is where we come in handy with our ultra-modern and customer-focused services.

If you’re Looking for a Etobicoke Flat Roofer, Flat Roof Repair, or Emergency Roof Repair We Offer The Best Flat Roof Systems!

In the roofing industry, there are several flat roofing systems. We can always help you make the best choice in line with your structure, budget, and preferences. Check out some of the types of flat roof systems you can get:

Single-ply membrane roofs

In single ply membrane roofs, both PVC membrane and TPO membrane are used. Both are used as a single layer. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC Membrane is eco-friendly, it increases the durability and it is resistant to fuels, oils, grasses, acids, chemicals etc. On the other hand, thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO also a kind of single ply membrane roof layer. TPO roofing is generally installed as mechanically attached or fully adhered. TPO is commonly used for industrial and commercial buildings. Single ply roofing membrane is very inexpensive and has great UV resistance. Our roofers do single ply roofing with utmost proficiency and it can last more than 20 years.

Built-Up roofs

Built-up roofing or BUR system also known as tar and gravel roof system. It is built with semi-flexible ply sheets or felts layers which are alternatively assembled with bitumen layers. It has an aggregate hot tar and gravel layer or elastomeric coatings layer which is used on the top of ply sheets. Built-up roofing or BUR is well known for being low maintenance, energy efficient, durable and weatherproof.

Modified Bitumen Roll Roof

Modified bitumen roll roofs are another type of membrane roof system where the membrane roofing is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester fiber matting which comes in sheets. To apply this sheet on the roof, it requires cold adhesives or a blow torch. Modified bitumen is durable, flexible and has easy adaptability to cold and hot weather. It is easy to do roof repair and has high resistance to tough weather, cracks and fire. If it is properly installed, it can last more than 20 years.

Not everyone can install flat roof systems. They have unique designs and require meticulous handling during installations and repairs. We pride ourselves in our expertise when it comes to commercial roofs and residential roofs construction and repairs.

Benefits of FLAT ROOFING services from FRT

There are many various reasons behind why people love to do flat roofing. Flat roofing creates an opportunity to design both the interior and exterior of the house. It gives your house a unique appearance which makes your house different from others. If you are looking for Etobicoke flat roofing services, FRT is here to deal with your all expectations. Here are the prominent benefits you are entitled to get:

Flat Roof System Cut Down Your Costs

Roofing is a significant investment and requires a reasonable budget. But if you’re looking to get the best roofing system as well as control the costs you incur, somewhat, then you need a flat roofs system. Flat roofs are excellent when it comes to saving money during installation and even upfront as it requires less maintenance. Reflective roofs coatings can help cool your home, causing reduced energy bills. That’s how suitable flat roofs designs are, and you can’t miss out on it.

Getting a Creative Rooftop

If you have a flat rooftop, you can easily utilize it for creative things. Rooftop is a great place for gardening. This can take your house look to the next level. Every time you see your rooftop glowing with beautiful flowers, it will always make you happy. Flat roofing gives you endless opportunities to decorate the rooftop in your own way.

Get Aesthetic Look

Apart from beautifying your rooftop, flat roofing also gives you an endless aesthetic look. Believe it or not, it gives your house a beautiful look. Its modern aesthetic look is very attractive to many homeowners and architects. Give your house an aesthetic look with your imagination.

Proper Rooftop Water Drainage

Flat roofing has many benefits but sometimes people are skeptical about water drainage of flat roofing, because flat roofing does not drain the water like traditional roofs. This is where we also put our attention as well. Many people fear standing water on the rooftop. But you have nothing to worry while we are here. Our professional roofers install roofs such a way to assure that standing water does not happen.

High Quality Materials

Harsh weather may damage flat roofs if the materials which are used are weak. We use high-quality roofing materials to ensure that it will survive in the worst weather.

Proper Installation
Our professional Etobicoke roofing installation experts are well trained and experienced in installing a flat roof. Our team’s experience minimizes the risk of big mistakes like DIY videos does. You can put your full trust in us.

Proper Maintenance

It is true that flat roofs do not stay intact forever. But proper maintenance can increase the lifespan of a flat roof. FRT is the best in doing the checkups and maintenance of your flat roofs on your behalf. We assure the best flat roof inspection and maintenance.

FRT Roofing Contractors Is Your Best Bet

Several brands are available to handle your roof projects in Etobicoke, but you wouldn’t just want to give it to any team. We understand that! You need a brand that understands your core needs and knows how to make your dream roofing system come alive. You crave to hire a brand that will make your roof system stand out even at prices that don’t dig a hole in your pocket. FRT is your roofing company to beckon. Get in touch with one of our roofing contractors now!

Residential Roofing Contractors

One of the most common roofing systems one can find on commercial roofing properties is the flat roof. They are not just inexpensive but require cheaper and less maintenance. Every property owner needs commercial roofing on their commercial property if they must save more. FRT is a modern and dedicated brand that has mastered the art of commercial roofing and skylight installations. We are the number 1 commercial roofing company in the Etobicoke area and have the best customer service.

Residential flat roofing experts has a ton of upside for structures and the homeowners. Any property owner looking to improve the curb appeal of their home while saving more can always go for flat roof. At FRT , we believe that every home deserves the best roofing solutions. Our team of expert quality workmanship goes far and above to ensure that all residential home roofing we handle, gets the best roofing solution.

How we work

Our flat roofing experts have been engaged in the flat roofing profession for many years. Our experts are thoroughly trained on every part of flat roof work. They are always up to date on new trends and have passion for continuous learning. However we follow our standard procedure to begin any flat roofing work. Here is how we do our work.


Phase one: We will assess every part of your roof.

To do flat roofing, we need many things to examine like flat roofs construction, seam and access points, roof drainage, gutters,drip edges, damage assessment and many more things.

After doing the assessment, we will provide you a detailed report. Then we will give recommendations based on the report. If work requires, we will give you cost estimation. After we will do the agreement and will go for the flat roofing process.

Phase two: Flat Roof Process

After we have done our full assessment on your roof, we will start our flat roofing process.

  • We will clear all debris off the roof. Debris like tree leaves, stones, broken toy parts may be found on the roof due to weather and kids. We will clear all of these.
  • We will do the roof replacement or the roof repair if needed. Some materials may damage or screw may open and many things. We will do all necessary repairs if the flat roofs already exist. 
  • If you do not have a flat roof, then we will do the flat roof installation as per your preference.

 Always remember to take care of your roof to make it stay in better condition. Inspect after every time interval so that you can avoid expensive repair. Give us a call today for any installation and repair service for your roof.

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FRT is a reputable flat roofing company based in Etobicoke We’re a unique brand that comes out with the best workforce and service delivery none can match. With a wealth of experience in the flat roofing industry, we’ve mastered our work’s nitty-gritty.

FRT didn’t just start. We were born out of a burning desire to recreate the roofing experiences for residential and commercial roofing property owners in the Etobicoke area. Our quest for quality and excellence in the industry makes us stand out, and we’re not going back on our commitment. Our expertise cuts across a number of services here are some of our services:

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